Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Have a Problem

It's only fair to update when the list grows, as well as shrinks, so here are the facts. Yesterday I visited two different book shops and through an astounding demonstration of my unparalleled self control only purchased as many books. They were books 144 and 145 on the list. That's right. I have reviewed (and nixed) two books from the list and yesterday I added two more.

This project is never going to end.

I heard so much about this one from the Book Riot podcast that I couldn't resist taking it home.

If someone ever comes up to me and challenges my Lord of the Rings fan cred based on this book then I will fail. I actually waited to get the copy that was in my town library growing up because there's something so perfect about the big ol' font and sketch that has stuck with me, long after I tried and failed to absorb this masterpiece back in the day. Call me sentimental, because um- I am.

I also purchased A Separate Peace because come on- it's inspired by Phillips Exeter Academy and that is close enough to my home turf to inspire some misplaced pride!

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