Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Have a Problem: Book III

I will not be buying books for a little while.

I will not be buying books for a little while. 

I will not- you know, if I say it enough times, maybe it will become true. But in all honesty, I am going to try not to buy for a couple of weeks at least. I am saving up for a Salt & Cedar candle. No, really. I'm not buying books because I'm saving up for a candle, which I will burn while reading books. So this will be my last "I Have a Problem" update for a little while (hopefully).

I've been really into food information for the past couple of years and really only started cooking in earnest this past year. One of my absolute favorite topics of conversation and thought is sustainability and what it means to be truly invested in the workings of one's life- specifically from a consumer standpoint. What does it mean to buy the things we buy- from food to the clothing on our backs? I think that this find will feed into the accumulating body of work I've read in this direction. It's mostly been pop non-fiction up to this point, but I can definitely see myself going down the food rabbit hole. As a side note, Mark Kurlansky wrote The Basque History of the World, which I really enjoyed reading before I went to Basque country, a couple of years ago.

I am missing a 145. I really don't know how that happened, but I guess that makes this 145.

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