Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April!

Happy April, home! I am incredibly grateful for this blue sky and warm sun. I've thrown open the windows of my bedroom, as tradition dictates, and even spent a luxurious half hour dozing and emptying my mind on the back porch, its corners still adorned with persistent thaw. Jets are once again leaving their distinct white tracks across infinite, perfect sky and I am once again following them to their curious destinations. It's incredible how the soul awakens with the world around it and begins airing out its dusty corners without even being prompted. As I become increasingly aware of this process, I find myself drifting back to a train of thought that I have been increasingly caught up with in the past couple of years. We live so far from the earth these days, but its tides still run deep and calm below our self-prescribed chaotic existence.

The book I am reading right now (and part of The Great Book Liberation Project) is Ray Bradbury's The Golden Apples of the Sun. He's undoubtedly a master of the craft but his short story work stands particularly high above the fray. Here's the entire second tale in the book and a wonderful introduction to the season- to be read at your leisure:

The April Witch by Ray Bradbury

I'm off to do some herb research for our herb garden, seeding this week, and listening to Andrew Bird's "Break it Yourself", as I go. Have a lovely first real day of the season!

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